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Time Is a Lier When You Sleep

By: Jessa Bonita

“Time is fleeting” that’s what they said
Tomorrow is short you better get out of your bed
As the morning light spilled, scattered and screaming
Wake up my dear enough of the dreaming
‘Cause when you sleep, time is awake
Time is a lier till the dawn breaks
Dreams are its soldiers pulling you back
As you try to start a counter attack
You opened your eyes only to find
Something’s wrong, you’re stuck in your mind
You thought you were awake, all propped and ready
Until you woke up still lying steady
Upon the bed that drugged you to sleep
Yet again, falling in deep
You cursed your pillow for being so soft
They’re the clouds that travel over the town
Of your sleepy eyelids they turn into salt
Yet another hindrance that weighs it down
Perhaps when you dream you feel happy
However this was never satisfactory
For when finally you won the battle
Of reality vs. the cradle
There’s nothing you can remember
Locked up and kept all together
The memory of your dreams washes away
As you start a new today.”


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