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The Story of my First Real Love

By: Calvin Crisol

When you smile, you lighten up my day
The look in your eyes makes everything okay
The sound of your voice makes me want to stay
If only there’s a way for me to say

I don’t want you, because I need you
I don’t care if I will wait another year
All I know is, I want you near
And I will always love you no matter what you do

I’ve always been telling you that I love you
But why is it that it seems you don’t care
I don’t know if it is me who is being unfair
What can I do? If loving you is the only thing I can do

I am sorry I could not make you happy
But please break my heart gently
Not that I want to give up on such a wonder
It’s just I don’t want to prolong the pain I suffer

Still, I thank you for the memories we shared
It was hard for me, but I know it was also hard for you
I’m glad that one moment in my life I was able to care
Though we didn’t really connect, we got along my friend


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