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Just a Dream

By: Anonymous

I miss the times we’ve never had
Stolen moments in the sun
You tie my hair, caress my face
To my lips you would hold on

Such moments of joy we’ve had, my love
You fill my heart to the brink
My only hope’s to keep you here
Keep you, lest you disappear when i blink

I once watched you sleep
So peaceful, so sincere.
I kissed your smile and held you close my angel,
Please stay with me here

The best of times we’ve shared
Never a dull moment you could say
But it was only a matter of time until
A fool’s paradise I would discover,
And you’d be gone, leaving me in disarray

The walls are crumbling, the dawn shining through
Reality seeping in with tender bitterness
As I awake to another day, edges pulling at the seam
Alarm clock’s ringing, five more minutes
So I could say goodbye to you in my dream


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