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By: Almira Grajo

Frail and feeble as I am
My limitations render me lonesome
And bitter of life do I become
I’m judged by many, not only some

I’m like a bird with a broken wing
I cannot fly with this sling
I’m regarded as less of a human being
I’m judged like I’m an inanimate thing

Jailed behind bars, I often weep
As I look at old pictures I always keep
And all my scars and wounds run deep
I’m judged like a prisoner who has crimes to reap

I’m reaching for your hand
But you refuse to take it for you are not fond
To the smell and filth you cannot stand
I’m judged like a trash in this land

As I present with an unkempt and dishevelled hair
People would laugh at me, they do not care
Thus, I choose to stay in my own little lair
I’m judged as a nobody whose presence is rare

I also dream of seeing the flowers and trees
I long to see the family I miss
But forever I cannot experience bliss
I’m judged as cursed, no one dares to kiss

If only I could gaze at the perfect blue sky
And watch the clouds that pass by
And look outside the window to say hi
I’m judged as a ghost, I wish I would just die

My feelings cannot be summed up in brevity
But I do not want people to take pity
All I want is to be judged as a citizen in a society
But when will I ever reach this reality?


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