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At last she Smiles

By: tashaness

There is probably nothing that can compare to how painful it is to be considered dead. You are alive, breathing and moving but people remember you as a mere memory. And you thrive at the thought that they remember you in the good light.

But it is painful because you miss them so much. You miss the laughter; the good times and the bad times. Heck, you long for it. You want to be with them through all the ups and downs of life. But no matter how much you want to go back to them (and I know you have tried), they chuck you back out. Back to this bittersweet place; your sanctuary and prison.

But what about me? I see your suffering and pain. And I drown in the loneliness of your beautiful brown eyes. At the end of the day I extend my hand and thank you for trusting me. I’ve given you some therapies and a simple snack, but you’ve given me a new perspective on life- that’s not exactly a fair exchange. I’m exposed to the harsh realities of life, and I learn what I’m supposed to, but what have I given you in return?

I hope I have given you an escape from your suffocating feelings, even for just an hour or a few minutes. I cherish your active participation and your openness, but above all I cherish the smile that reaches your eyes as you take my hand and thank me for the day.

I may never truly understand the impact of our interaction for you, but I will go home at the end of the experience with the knowledge that I at least made that smile happen…

*dedicated to the patients of NCMH


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