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Literary: Why I Pretended I was Okay...

Dear Jennifer,

“To love is to sacrifice… and to sacrifice is to lose one’s self for the sake of the one he truly loves.”

I guess that’s the reason why I said I was okay even though my heart could not stand the pain… I wanted to show you I was strong… that I can go on because I know that when I love, I trust…

I know you didn’t mean to overlook what has transpired back then… and if you look closely, you’ll see that I never loved you any less.

Don’t blame yourself for the pain I’m experiencing. I inflicted that pain on my own…for you… for love. The love that never asks for anything in return… the love that is neither selfish, nor envious, nor conceited.

I’m sorry if I had to lie about what I really felt. I just didn’t want you to worry about me. Turns out it affected you more in the latter part. I don’t want to see you sad… so smile for me… give me your pains and misery… don’t cry.

I know there’s someone else in your heart… don’t worry, I’ll just step aside and let you be. I couldn’t just force you to love me.

There’ll be no hard feelings, I assure you that. I’ll always be happy when you’re happy because I truly love you. You mean the whole world to me.

By the way, while you’re reading this I should have gone away for some time. But don’t worry… even if we’re miles apart, I’ll still keep all of the memories we’ve had, both good and bad. If I don’t ever come back by 8:31am tomorrow, it means that I am truly unworthy of your love…

‘Till then, I’d like you to keep the necklace attached to this letter. I hope it would remind you of the moments that I’ve cherished with you…

Jennifer, I love you… I always will…

Lovingly yours,
Edward Cross


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