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Literary: I'll Always be Right Here...

You are there; I am here
We live two different lives.
Wondering about you, where you are right now
While I walk amidst the never-caring crowd.

You have your own life,
I should not meddle with your precious time.
You have to prepare for your career…
Don’t mind me… I can understand you crystal clear.

I’m not someone that important,
Go on with your friends… enjoy your day.
Go some place, do some things…
Go have lots of fun without dismay.

I guess I’ll just be sitting here…
I’ll just be waiting for you to come back.
And in case you won’t return to me,
Forget about what I feel… I’ll just let you be.

If ever you’ll need a helping hand,
A crying shoulder or simply a friend,
Remember, you’re someone whom I endear,
Remember, I’ll always be right here…


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