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UST-CON Juniors Shine in this Year's Vaudeville

By Ana Katrina Pagkalinawan

Last November 18, the University of Santo Tomas-College of Nursing (UST-CON) junior students performed selected Disney classics live at the Medicine Auditorium in Vaudeville, a sophomore project of the Nursing Central Board of Students (NCBS) for the college week celebration.

Different sections from the third year level were paired up and given a particular Disney movie to present on stage which included favorites like Aladdin (III-1 and III -3), Hercules (III -2 and III -5), The Little Mermaid (III -4 and III -7), Beauty and the Beast (III -6 and III -10) and Mulan (III -8 and III -9).

The Medicine Auditorium was packed with the Thomasian Nursing community waiting for the start of the roster of presentations. With only a few weeks of preparation and practice, the juniors did not fail to deliver. The Beauty and the Beast group graced the stage first and set the standards for the other sections with their choreography and voice power. Hercules followed suit and wowed the audience with their creativity in portraying the mythical beasts in Ancient Greece. The third production was that of Aladdin, where Genie (Joseph Abello) swept the audience away with his own set of antics. The Little Mermaid, on the other hand, amazed the audience with Ariel's (Maricris Elopre) powerful voice under the sea. For the last performance, Mulan shocked the audience when Mulan (Jia Phi) decided to cut her hair during the play in order to pass for a man.

The awarding ceremony transpired in the Nursing auditorium on November 19, with The Little Mermaid tying up with Aladdin for the first place finish. On the other hand, Hercules settled for the runner-up position.
The complete roundup of winners for the Vaudeville is as follows:

First Place - Little Mermaid and Aladdin
Second Place - Hercules
Best Screenplay - Mulan
Best Musical Score - Little Mermaid
Best in Stage Design - Little Mermaid
Best in Poster - Beauty and the Beast
Best Male Lead - Nikart Caparas as Aladdin
Best Female Lead - Maricris Elopre as Ariel
Best Villain - Alexander Bagunas as Jafar
Most Liked Character - Joseph Abello as Genie

Performers were grateful for the recognition received by everyone. "We were really not expecting to win but we were all really hopeful for the best and God blessed with so much more", said Bernadeth Feliciano (3-4), co-director of The Little Mermaid.


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