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Traditional Filipino Games Revived in N’Joy Pinoy

By Michelle Parreñas

Thomasian Nursing students from all year levels celebrated and honored the Filipino culture as they imbibed the UST-CON’s core values of respect, excellence, leadership, compassion and innovation in N’Joy Pinoy: Uniting the College through Traditional Filipino Games, an inter-batch sports competition headed and organized by the Nursing Central Board of Students (NCBS) held last November 20 at the UST Grand Stand.

Each year level was required to be represented by 40 participants. Sportsmanship and camaraderie were displayed by the teams as competitively played local games such as patintero or harangang daga, tumbang preso, agaw base, sipa, habulang biik and sangkayaw. A point-scoring system was utilized and implemented in the competition wherein the winner was awarded five points and the runners-up with their corresponding points. Points gained on each game were summed up and the highest scorer among the teams was proclaimed as the over-all champion in the tilt.

After three hours of stiff competition, Level IV emerged as the ultimate winner in the competition.


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