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Thomasian Nurses Battled It Out in Nursing Contenders 2010

By Hazel Vera Tan

Selected students outsmarted each other on Nursing Contenders 2010 organized by the Nursing Association of Student Achievers (NASA) during the Nursing Week celebration last November 18.

Seven teams from different year levels participated in this battle-of-the-brains event, wherein their knowledge in Mathematics, Literature, History, General Knowledge, Current Events and Science were thoroughly gauged and tested. The quiz bee started off with an elimination round consisting of easy, average and difficult questions. The top three teams after the series of questions then advanced to the 20-question final round, wherein they competed against a group of professors.

Marjourie Anne Cabatay (IV-2), Kristin Anne Metica (II-7) and Hazel Vera Tan (I-12) bagged the first place followed by the group of Adrian Alejandro (IV-1) and Patricia Atal (II-1) finishing as the runner-up.


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