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By: Alec Joshua R. Uy (III-10)

Could I find you on Orion's shoulder?
Or does the Aurora Borealis blind my eye?
Could I find you amidst Cancer
or when Betelgeuse shines bright in the midnight sky?

Could you be one of our closest neighbors,
Across the vast vacuum breadth?
One of the twenty-six astral favors,
In which the light finds its strength?

Please, if you may, show me your radiance,
Your beauty, your love, your warmth and your grace,
Please, if you may, give me this chance,
To see a glimpse of your heavenly face

No matter how searing or scorching
However extraordinary or bizarre,
I would bear your emissions a-burning
If you would fall for me, my radiant star

If you would just fall for me... My radiant star.


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