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In My Place of Dreams

By Mari Begonia A. Cinco

I once had golden lands of blossoms sweet
An array of castles with kings and queens
With crystal waters right nearby each hill
In my Place of Dreams

I once had fairies fly in spring
The ugly badger in winter sleep
Had toys come to life and decide to dance
In my Place of Dreams

Those many treasures I would find
And keep collected with gold in mines
The ships I sailed and conquered so much
In my Place of Dreams

And there were nights of endless flights
To English Towns and French streams
I had storks deliver baby cubs in trains
In my Place of Dreams

The dolls were there, always babbling
About their tasteless creams
When I served them tea in Cairo, Egypt
In my Place of Dreams

Then came those many evil things
That wanted to bite and scratch
But my tin soldiers would not allow that
In my Place of Dreams

There were the set of glass wings
That I used to fly all over passed
The many worlds I could see
In my Place of Dreams before

I dove into the depths of seas
With mermaids, corals, moray eels
And sang along with guppy fish
In my Place of Dreams

Then by daylight all would stop
For breakfast, Mother called me
And scold me if I stayed up too late
In my Place of Dreams

The many wonders I could see
Among the nights of mystery
Adventures I dared to take on
In my Place of Dreams

Perhaps I have grown old enough
To keep all this inside a box
But now and then I peak inside
To see my Place of Dreams.


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