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News: Thomasian Nursing Students Faced Their Fears

Thirty Nursing students lived out the name of the game Face Your Fears conducted by the Red Cross Youth Council - Nursing Unit and Rotaract - Nursing Unit as part of the Nursing Week celebration last November 20, 2009 at the UST Quadricentennial Square.

Face Your Fears aimed to promote the values humanity, unity, sacrifice, compassion, perseverance, responsibility, critical thinking, effectiveness and efficiency. It is divided into six games entitled “What’s on the Menu?,” “Bottoms Up!,” “ Animal Relay,” “Pandora’s Box,” “Mystery Pools” and “Mouth Fishing” wherein the participants ate exotic foods, drank beverages with “unusual” ingredients, relayed animals/insect, collected coins from boxes and pools with animals and transferred balls using their mouth from an aquarium with catfish, respectively.

Six teams of five members coming from sections I-5 (Team White), I-10 (Team Red), II-7 (Team Black), IV-3 (Team Yellow), IV-6 (Team Blue) and IV-10 (Team Green) joined Face Your Fears. Team Yellow, with members Joseph Anthony Creencia, Franessa Chan Huan, Erika Chico and Jay Choa, won the P2,000 prize for placing first. Team Blue placed second while Team Green placed third, earning them P700 and P300, respectively. Team White received P200 for being in the fourth place while the rest received P150 as a consolation prize.

By: Charmaine M. Parado


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