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News:CHED: CON accredited again as COE

The Center of Excellence (COE) status valid for three years is once again granted to the UST College of Nursing (CON) after the approval of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commission en Banc in their 329th meeting, effective last March 15, 2009.

UST CON was granted the COE status in nursing education under CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) no. 22 series of 2009 in accordance with CMO no. 17 series of 2006.

The COE project is an inherent mandate of CHED aimed to “strengthen and further improve the quality of the COE/CODs (Centers of Development) to the level of our ASEAN neighbors and also for these COE/ CODs to become a resource to strengthen other schools in their localities. The COE/ CODs are also envisioned to become centers of graduate education and research in their field of strength…” (CMO no. 55 s. 2006)

As a COE, the UST CON was able to meet CHED’s quantitative and qualitative identification criteria consisting the following: institutional qualifications (institution’s policies, strategies and principles coupled with excellent student support services and facilities geared toward a clear and achievable institutional vision for excellence and quality), instructional quality (instruction based on good program administration, flexible and dynamic curriculum, a faculty roster that strikes a balance between higher academic studies and professional experience, and student facilities that are sufficient to meet the demands of the academic community it serves), research and publication (strong commitment to undertake research activities and an environment that encourages the conduct of such activities; accessibility of documents, references and equipments necessary for undertaking research works to the faculty and students) and extension and linkages (good background in undertaking joint activities beyond the institution in order to develop the quality of its programs).

Expectations and Responsibilities
In CHED’s July 2009 letter signed by signed by CHED Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles Ph. D. it was written, “As COE in Nursing Education, you are advised fully to comply with the responsibilities and minimum expectations required of a Center of Excellence set forth under CMO no. 55 (Revised Policies and Standards on the Centers of Excellence Projects), and CMO no. 17 s. 2006 (Implementing Guidelines for the Identification, Support and Development of Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development for Health Related Education Programs)…”

As stated in CMO no. 17, Center of Excellence is a unit within any higher education with the following characteristics:

  • Must be accredited Level III program under FAAP (includes institutional qualifications)

  • Must have obtained an average of at least 90% percentage passing for at least five years in the licensure examination given by their respective professional regulatory boards (PRB) of the Professional Regulation Commission

  • Must have an updated alumni profile and active alumni programs

  • Must be university-based (broaden its perspective, make the training multidisciplinary and strengthened research)

  • Must have evidence of innovation/ improvement on instruction and involvement in research and community extension;
    Also stated in the CMO No. 17 are the COE Responsibilities and Minimum Expectations includes:

    1. Act as role models/ leaders in the local, regional and national community by sharing best practices and initiate innovative approaches

    2. Provide technical assistance to agencies, institutions within its geographical area of coverage (e.g. technical consultancies, short-term trainings);

    3. Enhance the quality of instructional program through faculty development activities and upgrading of facilities, equipment and library holdings;

    UST CON’s Benefits
    As mentioned, CHED through HEDF will provide grants and benefits to COE/ CODs. According to Dean Glenda A. Vargas, RN, MAN, the UST CON was given financial assistance to the Faculty’s development in the previous years. This year, CON will be given assistance to research projects. The UST CON was requested to submit research proposals for possible funding by CHED to the CHED Office of Programs and Standards (CHED-OPS).

    Upholding the Tradition of Excellence
    According to Dean Vargas, the UST CON was the first college in the university to be given the status COE in 1995. Since then, the CON maintained the status. When asked about the improvements necessary to keep up the excellence in Nursing Education, she said, “we can improve in many ways; there is always a room for improvement especially in the field of research.”

    By Charmaine M. Parado


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