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News: Freshmen kicks off Buwan ng Wika

Despite the delay of the celebration of Buwan ng Wika due to A(H1N1) virus, several activities for the freshmen students were pushed through last August 27, 2009. With the approval of the Department of Languages Coordinator, Asst. Prof. Zendel Taruc, MEd., the Nursing Central Board of Students (NCBS), headed by its Asst. Secretary Sharlene Kimberly Ong, decided to have Laro ng Lahi and Barrio Fiesta as substitute activities for the annual Sabayang Pagbigkas. With the theme “Wika ng Kalikasan, Kalikasan ng Wika”, the events were held at the UST Grandstand and St. Martin de Porres Building, respectively.

The UST Grandstand was jam-packed with the freshmen’s eagerness to have the most number of points, by competing and winning the following events: bugtong-bugtong, pasahang itlog, tumbang preso, agawan pato, patintero, kadang-kadang and sack race. “Even though it’s very hot at the grandstand, not only the first year students but also the professors and their respective advisers managed to participate, cooperate and cheer for their teams as well,” said Ms. Ong, head organizer. The winners were as follows: 1st place: Kayumanggi (I-8); 2nd place: Puti (I-5); and 3rd place: Pilak (I-12) and Lila (I-11).

The event was followed by the judging and celebration of Barrio Fiesta in the students’ respective classrooms. The festivals demonstrated were: Ati-atihan, Kadayawan, Higante, Itik-itik, Lubi-lubi, Luglugan, Mascara, Moriones, Pagoda, Pahiyas, Panagbenga and Pista’y Dayat. The rooms overflowed with decorations and delicacies showing off the students’ resourcefulness, originality and creativity. Each festival was judged according to the following criteria: originality – 25%, relatedness to selected festivity – 35%, class participation – 25%, and food presentation – 15%. The judges were Mr. Elmer Hibek, Ph.D, Mr. John Vincent Ignacio, and Asst. Dean Susan Maravilla, RN, MAN. Section I-7 (Maskara) was unanimously declared the Grand Champion. The other winners were as follows: 1st runner-up: Itik-itik (I-6); 2nd runner-up: Ati-atihan (I-11); and 3rd runner-up: Lubi-lubi (I-4).

“Even though it’s slightly expensive and not enough time was given for the preparation, we enjoyed ourselves during Laro ng Lahi and Barrio Fiesta. It was a total showcase of Filipino cultures with the incorporation of UST Nursing’s core values. It also promoted cooperation, friendship and camaraderie among the 1st year students,” said Julius Cerda, 1st year level batch representative.

By Michelle Angelique Parreñas


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