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UST-CON Takes Part on Disaster Management Seminar

By: Hazel Vera Tan

In preparation for the earthquake drill on June 30, 2011, UST-CON Professors together with the selected officers of the class attended “Prepared to Survive, Emergency Preparedness Seminar”, an event organized by the Red Cross Youth Council, last June 29, 2011.

Under the Department of Education order no. 96 s1990 (Calamity/Emergency Drills in Schools and Offices, all schools and offices are enjoined to conduct periodic emergency drills for safe evacuation of the pupils, and personnel during natural or man-made calamity.

Guest speaker Dr. Lito Moragan discussed about crisis management and the evacuation plan during a disaster. He highlighted in the seminar to “Duck, Cover, and Hold” during earthquakes.

He emphasized the safety precautions during a disaster. Some safety precautions mentioned are the following: keep calm; keep away from narrow alleys; if in a building, one must seek a cover near or under sturdy furniture; after the earthquake, one must stay away from unstable objects or furniture; and finally, if beside a seashore, one must guard against waves.

He stressed that everyone must be familiar of the evacuation plan. This means that everyone must know the location of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, and fire ladders. There must also be an alarm system and diagram of the floor plans in the building.

At the end of the seminar, the students and professors were informed about the different floor managers and traffic control members in case of a disaster. They were also left with the contact numbers they can call during a disaster.


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