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‘Team Nursing’ Cops Second Place in Social Science Quiz Bee

By: Michelle Parreñas

The Nursing Association of Student Achievers (NASA) settled for a second-place finish in the team category of the 5th Social Science Quiz Bee held on February 10 at the Medicine Auditorium.

With the guidance of their adviser, Ms. Kristine Gail Iglesia and team coach Ms. Melanie Turingan, the participants pushed hard and tried to outsmart the pool of representatives from the other colleges. Team Captain Ma. Aristhea Resurreccion (IV-8) headed the four-member delegation together with Christine Bernadette Manalo (IV-6), Drazen Junio (III-5) and Marvin Hitosis (I-4) in the team category. Nursing beat the Education and was fighting for the first place alongside the Pharmacy but trailed behind the latter by a 10-point margin.

“We’re just continuing to fight for ourselves, for the team, the organization and most especially for the college”, said Resurrecion.

For the individual category, Nursing representative Christopher Bryan Reyes (IV-8) fell short of a few points and failed to make it to the top allowing the Engineering to take the first place while Commerce and Arts and Letters took the second and third place, respectively.

In preparation for the competition, the participants geared up by reviewing a variety of subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform (ETAR), Rizal Course, Political Science (Philippine Government and Constitution), Current Events and UST History every Sunday with the help of NASA alumnus, Robi Liabres.

“The process of training and preparing for the quiz bee has never been easy for all of us. The fact that we are all newbies in this competition and the thought that Nursing has never been out of the top three posed a huge pressure upon us but at the same time it made us believe that we would be able to make it with the thought that if the alumni were able to make it, then, certainly, we also can”, Resurrecion said.

Furthermore, she added, “We just want to thank all the professors who have supported the team in their endeavors, especially to Ma’am Iglesia, for her support and Ma’am Turingan who has always been there for us, Ma’am Medrana, Ma’am Balgomera, Sir Origenes, Sir Hibek, Ma’am Villarama and Ma’am Maravilla.”
NASA first joined the competition in 2006 and from then on, they have always landed on the top three positions.


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