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By: Alec Joshua R. Uy (III-10)

My love for you revolves into changing seasons
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
Each season emanates the reasons why I love you
Although no metaphor can flawlessly explain why I do.

As the radiant summer sun shows its splendor,
So will I radiate my love and affection.
The sun shines to make the sparkling diamond sea
The sun shines upon our sincerity.

As the leaves of autumn fall before our eyes
So does my heart fall for you, over and over again.
Back and forth, the leaves fall apart
Back and forth, like the falling of my heart.

As the cold winter breeze whispers a faint melody
So does my soul murmur a love song for you.
A love song eternal, a love song undying
A love song to fill our hearts until our death’s dawning.

As the flowers start to bloom in tranquil spring,
So do I grow ever fond of you in my heart.
Flowers bloom to face the glorious day
Flowers bloom like how our love may

And as the cycle repeats itself
Our skin would grow weaker, our hair would turn paler
Our hearts come closer,
And our love grow stronger.

Because as time passes by
You and I will never part.


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