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O, little night sky, your stars shine brightly
Over the lamp-lit town of skyscrapers and cars.
A minute ticks away as I look on to a lifeless desk,
While I stack and pile boxes and sheets in cabinet’s drawers.

Every table and desk so spick and span,
I swear they’d shimmer and glimmer in many ways that they can.
I hear the people outside, all joyful and merry, but my silence is the one deafening me.
And it seems as though this room has its own mood… the silence rings again.

The night grows still as the city goes to bed,
But the night grows longer as the lady shouts into the night.
Oh, heaven and earth, rejoice tonight as a tiny cry echoes through the hall
Because in a manger, away from home, a child is born… Such a heavenly sight.


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