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News: UST College of Nursing reaches out to Partner Community in Marilao

The University Of Santo Tomas College Of Nursing held a Grand Socialization Event in Brgy. Santa Rosa II last September 20, 2009. This event, organized by the different organization heads of the college, and monitored by the UST-CON Community Development Team, aimed to introduce the different organizations of the college and their upcoming projects for the community.

The Community Socialization Group, headed by the different organization officers is composed mainly of volunteers from the NCBS’ VIBES (Volunteers Involved in Barangay Empowerment Services), as well as some officers from the Student Council of the Faculty of Philosophy who were there to see the community for the first-time. Accompanying the group were Mr. Earl Francis Sumile, Community Development Coordinator; Mr. Gian Carlo Torres, NCBS Adviser; Mr. John Vincent Ignacio, NVC Adviser; and Dr. Elmer Hibek, NJ Adviser and Literature professor.

“We are also sharing the same partner community with the College of Nursing. We hope to get a good outlook of what the community still needs, and what has already been done so that we can complement it.” says Chen, president of the newly formed Philosophy Student Council.

The group left UST at around 12NN and arrived at Marilao an hour later. The socialization activity started with a prayer, followed by the introduction of the different organizations, and their respective projects for the community. The Nursing Dance Troupe then performed a Jazz dance number, led by Jazz captain Kate Vera Cruz.

After that, adults and children were segregated; with the Nursing Association of Student Achievers, Rotaract Club, and Nursing ComElec conducting a parlor game activity for the children; and the Nursing Varsity Council entertaining the adults with their own set of games.

This was followed by a health teaching and wellness seminar conducted by the Medical Missions Inc. – Nursing group and the Red Cross Youth Council – Nursing Unit. Also, catering to the Spiritual development of the community, the Pax Romana – Nursing Unit initiated a Block Rosary followed by a procession around the community area. A statue of Mother Mary, donated by the College, was left behind a local resident’s home: to be rotated in different homes for the coming days. A simple snack was then served to the locals after the procession.

“Apart from their physical needs, we also have to improve their spirituality; especially with the kind of situation they’re in. Prayer works miracles however, Faith is Essential.” says Dr. Hibek. “We already have the resources; we just have to share it.” Dr. Hibek added further.

“This socialization event is a first step in introducing the College to the community itself. My batch (2001) saw the birth of UST NURSE (Nurses for Urban and Rural Services Empowerment) as a community effort; however, it died a natural death. VIBES started just last year, and is a Renaissance of the UST NURSE project. We hope and plan to have projects that will last for the next batches to continue to implement.” says Mr. Earl Francis Sumile.

Marilao is a familiar site among the senior and junior students of the college since this is the venue for every Level III’s required COPAR (Community Organizing) activity during their Community Health Nursing exposure. The college previously had Brgy. Malitlit, Lipa City, Batangas as its partner community.

“Besides Brgy. Santa Rosa II, we also have an adopted community in Northville 4B, Brgy. Lambakin which is also here in Marilao. However, since we are partnered with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Malolos under Rev. Fr. Jose Dennis Espejo, we are not limited to (Brgy) Santa Rosa and Lambakin, but are also in service of the whole province of Bulacan.”, Mr. Sumile concluded.

After the event, the group went for a short prayer visit to the Shrine of the Divine Mercy; and eventually arrived on University grounds at around 8:30PM.

by: Clark Edward Uytico


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