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News: Maintaining Proper Body Mechanics

Last November 20, 2009 at around 5:30 PM, the UST College of Nursing gathered together at the Plaza Mayor to break their own record of having the most participants in the Proper Body Mechanics. 

Mr. Ted dela Peña, IPEA instructor, led the Nursing students and professors in performing the aerobics exercise. He stated that it was hard to think of steps that would suit both the students and the active professors; however, the attendees easily followed the steps and did it well. The spacing was also a problem according to Mr. dela Peña due to the number of attendees. Nonetheless, he enjoyed the experience and was thankful for the chance to lead the crowd.

“The Plaza Mayor will be used for such purpose only if students take initiative in the project as in the case of Nursing during the event,” said Dr. Olalia. Also, according to her, the student-led aerobics is only a part of the Health Service projects in promoting health. Soon, they will be holding the Wellness Convention as well.

Through the initiative of the Nursing Central Board of Students (NCBS) with project head, NCBS PRO Francis Simeon in coordination with Dr. Salve Olalia, Director of the UST Health Service, the student-led aerobics pushed through. 

However, according to Simeon, the College only had 1,174 participants this year as compared to last year’s record of at about 2,600 participants. Although the record was not broken, the College of Nursing was the first one to gather and exercise together for this academic year.

In the said event, was the announcement of the winners in the Fit ALL Right contest held earlier. The winners were Timothy Santos (IV-9) and Bernadette Mae Aguirre (II-1).

By Zanria Harilen J. Cabreros


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