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Literary: The Perfect Gift

Passing by the street, I hear them yell
Of food to offer, to vend, to sell
Puto bumbong and bibingka, the taste of heaven
But all I could think are the hungry children

Passing by the mall I see lots of colors
Of things to wear all over their floors
But I can’t put out of my mind the naked lad
Whose broadsheet rags were all he had

Passing by the village I see different lights
Blinding stars and santas alike
But how can I forget the homeless family
Who dwell in carts to fit snuggly

How can I bear to see the frown?
On this little girl who seemed very down
I’m glad to give a little toy
To lift her spirit and give her joy

Oh how can celebrate?
If everyone’s mood is not into the date.
Would Christ be pleased on his very day?
I would agree, his will be way

See the smiles of these girls and boys
This is what I want, my gift of choice
What is Christmas if you see them gloomy?
I offer love, wishing them happy



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