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Features: Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo, Play ng mga CI Mo!

Who would have thought that the fusion of KimmyDora, Wowowee, SNN, Twilight, Harry Potter, Transformers and contemporary Philippine politics was ever possible? If not, well, you surely don’t know the College of Nursing well enough. This year’s faculty play entitled “Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo, Sino Tatay Mo?” proved just how talented the students and professors of the College were.

Students from all year levels lined up without complaint outside the Medicine Auditorium just to witness what our beloved professors, clinical instructors and fellow students have in-store for them. Surely, they weren’t disappointed, especially if you have very talented individuals such as Ms. Criselda Beltran playing the lead role of Kimmy, Donna Sison (III-9) as Dora, Mr. Gian Carlo Torres as Boots, Mr. Earl Francis Sumile as Bronson and Ricca Go (III-5) as Congratulations, along with other cast members like Mrs. Yvette Montecillo, Mrs. Cherry Tanodra, Dr. Rodolfo Angeles, Ms. Lisette Navarro, Ms. Marjorie Piodo and Dr. Arvin Ace Sigua, showcasing their talents in acting and even singing for some.

An AVP teaser, featuring movie trailers and political ads, surely gave the audience the electrifying feel of anticipation for the upcoming play. The AVP was put together since the roles were intentionally named after characters from the aforementioned movies and shows such as KimmyDora and Wowowee, making the play even more hilarious. In addition, the main story was a segment of Nursing News Ngayon (NNN) with Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino spoofed by Mr. Dan Buenaventura and Ms. Joanne Libut.

Directed by Angelo Tarectecan and written by him together with Jeri Albano and Joey Meneses, the faculty play revolved around finding love and acceptance. However, the supposedly dramatic scenes were depicted very comically.

Kimmy experiences and then loses true love it making her become overly bitter about it until she finds her love all over again in the play. Her sister, Dora, with her buddy, Boots, continuously supports her. Kimmy's first love interest, Bronson finds Congratulations as the true love of his life and marries her. The sisters eventually found out that Congratulations is their long lost sister from their deceased father. Later, the devastated Kimmy crosses paths with Kuya Kim in the enchanted forest where she was supposed to end her life. The two fell in love and lived happily ever after, at last. Of course, every character needs a happy ending, so Dora, after being courted by Edward Cullen, Harry Potter and two Transformers, ends up with Boots after his heartfelt rendition of "I'll Be" for her to the delight of the audience.

Overall, the play did not fail to entertain and satisfy the audience. The story reiterated the ever-touching lesson of love – that finding it is a journey that all of us go through. And as long as we have family and friends by our side, the ride may not be so dull or lonely after all. 

By: Ginyn Noble


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