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The Unfading

The horn to sound the flight
Bides, collects its stalwart might
Sink deep your feeble feet
For every end will now meet

When mountains of turquoise arise
To rob deserts of their disguise
And when they envelope the day
Do not wash away

When blue skies rain scarlet passion
And this painted world turns ashen
When they have spread and bloomed
Do not be consumed

When the earth has met its core
And the winds away they soar
When the rivers embrace the sun
Do not be undone

When the moon fades away
And the stars have naught to say
When hollow darkness is in sway
Do not lose the way

Look to the sky---to the lights the clouds do bend
Where your undead words should seek and wend
For from this paradise descends a hand
That cleans man's footprints on the sand

By: Issa Perez de Tagle. Filed under Literary


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